《Dead or Alive 5》獎杯/成就列表


Total /獎杯數量: 48 
Secret Trophies/隱藏獎杯: 4 
Platinum /白金: 1 
Gold /金: 3 
Silver /銀: 8 
Bronze /銅: 36 
Total Trophy Points /合計獎杯PTS(日式獎杯計算法) : 1230 pts 
Total Trophy Points /合計獎杯PTS(美式獎杯計算法) : 246 pts 
線上獎杯: 12 (包含白金) 
離線獎杯: 36 (不包含白金)


Total /成就數量: 48 
成就總分: 1,000 G 
線上成就: 12 (包含解鎖全部成就) 
離線成就: 36 (不包含解鎖全部成就)

死或生5 DEAD OR ALIVE 5 獎杯/成就列表
圖標 獎杯/成就名稱 英文註釋 中文註釋+心得 獎杯 成就
DOA5 Master Unlock all trophies 全成就或全獎杯獲得 100G
Fighting Entertainment Have your first fight outside of Training or Versus modes 練習模式和對戰模式以外打過一場 10G
Rivals Register 5 fighters in your Fight List 登陸5名玩家到對手列表當中 20G
Rival Rumble Fight online 10 times 網戰十場(勝負皆可) 20G
Rival Rampage Fight online 100 times 網戰一百場(勝負皆可) 30G
DOA5 Is My Life Fight online 1000 times 網戰一千場(勝負皆可) 50G
My Fight,My Rules Create your own online lobby 創建自己的線上大廳 10G
Get out there and Fight! Play a Lobby match 玩過一場線上大廳戰 10G
Fighting For Real Play a Ranked match 玩過一場排名戰 10G
Jump In Play a Simple match 玩過一場玩家戰 10G
Gesundheit! Trigger the Special Danger Zone in The Show 觸發馬戲團場景的特殊危險區域,就是紅血時用PB/超重擊擊中小丑的大嘴巴 20G
Tango Kilo November Trigger the Special Danger Zone in Hot Zone 觸發戰區場景的特殊危險區域,就是紅血時用PB/超重擊擊中直升機) 20G
You Asked for It! Fight 10 people through invitations 通過挑戰函接受十位玩家的邀請 20G
Anybody,Anytime,Anywhere Fight 50 people through invitations 通過挑戰函接受五十位玩家的邀請 30G
First Throwdown Send a Throwdown Challenge to someone in your Fighter List 發送一封挑戰函給對手列表裡的任何一位玩家 20G
Akira Yuki Unlock Akira 解鎖結成晶,心篇章打敗結成晶即可解鎖 20G
Sarah Bryant Unlock Sarah 解鎖莎拉,蒂娜篇章打敗莎拉即可解鎖 20G
The Ultimate Hyper Clone Unlock Alpha-152 獲得300個稱號並且解鎖阿爾法-152 50G
Arcade Cleared Clear 1 course in Arcade mode 完成街機模式中單人或組隊的任意難度 10G
Arcade Master Clear all courses in Arcade mode 完成街機模式中單人和組隊的全部難度並且獲得課題制霸稱號 30G
Time Attack Cleared Clear 1 course in Time Attack mode 完成時間競速模式中單人或組隊的任意難度 10G
Time Attack Master Clear all courses in Time Attack mode 完成時間競速模式中單人和組隊的全部難度並且獲得課題制霸稱號 30G
Survival Cleared Clear 1 course in Survival mode 完成生存模式中單人或組隊的任意難度 10G
Survival Master Clear all courses in Survival mode 完成生存模式中單人和組隊的全部難度並且獲得課題制霸稱號 30G
Fledgling Fighter Fight 10 Versus matches 玩過十場對戰模式 20G
The Fight Never Ends Fight 100 Versus matches 玩過一百場對戰模式 30G
The Curtain Rises Clear the Prologue in Story mode 完成故事模式的序章 10G
Ninja Battle Clear “Kasumi: Part 2″ in Story mode 完成故事模式的霞-第二章 20G
And Then THIS Happened! Clear all chapters in Story mode 完成故事模式的全部節章 30G
Training Hard Play Training mode for 1 hour 持續玩練習模式達一小時或以上 20G
Exercise Newbie Perform all moves for all characters in Command Training 在招式訓練模式中完成全部角色的招式列表 20G
On the Edge of Your Seat Play Spectator mode 遊玩(紳士)鑑賞模式 10G
Fighter,Know Thyself View your results in Fight Record 在對戰紀錄中觀看自己的戰績 10G
Ahhh,Memories View your photos in the Album 在相冊中觀看照片 10G
Say Cheese! Take a photo in Spectator mode 在(紳士)鑑賞模式中攝取一張照片 10G
How Do I Fight? Display the Move List 顯示招式列表 10G
How Do I Fight Like a Pro? Display the Move Details 顯示招式的幀數細節 10G
A Fight to Remember Save a replay 保存一段對戰回放 10G
Safety First Turn Danger Zones off on the Stage Select screen 在場景選擇畫面中關閉特殊危險區域的選項 10G
Fighting in Style Unlock all costumes 解鎖全部服裝,參照下面的列表 50G
First Tag Team Play Tag Battle 遊玩組隊模式 10G
The Power of Two Perform 50 kinds of character-specific tag throws 使用五十次特殊角色組合投技 30G
Blow ‘Em Away Successfully land a Power Blow 成功打出PB/超重擊一次 10G
Down You Go Successfully attack during a Cliffhanger 成功打出落崖技一次 10G
Cliffhanger Comeback Successfully block an opponent’s attack during a Cliffhanger 成功擋下對手的落崖技一次 10G
I Read Every Move Win without taking any damage 無傷打贏一場 20G
Failure Teaches Success See all characters’ losing poses 觀看過所有角色的敗北姿勢 20G
Insomniac Watch all movies in Story mode without skipping any of them 無跳過的情況下觀看所有故事模式中出現的劇情 20G
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